Spotting AI-Generated Images: A Guide

1. Visual Anomalies and Distortions

   – Look for inconsistencies and irregularities in the image, such as mismatched earrings, warped facial features, distorted accessories, or unnatural objects.

   – Pay attention to complex details like hands, faces, and hair textures, as AI can sometimes struggle with these areas, leading to irregularities.

   – Keep an eye out for unrealistic levels of clarity or strangeness, like nonsensical objects or repeating patterns.

2. Text Errors and Blurriness

   – Examine any text elements in the image, such as signs or backgrounds. AI-generated images may feature blurry, pixelated, or nonsensical text.

3. Image Descriptions and Captions

   – Read the title, description, hashtags, and comments associated with the image carefully.

   – Some AI-generated content might mention the use of AI software or provide vague or lacking context.

4. Watermarks and Source Information

   – Look for watermarks or logos on the image, which could indicate the source or method of generation.

   – Investigate the origins of the image. If it comes from an AI-generated content platform, it’s likely to be AI-created.

5. GAN Detectors and Reverse Image Search

   – Use GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) detectors, which are tools designed specifically to analyze images and determine the probability of them being AI-generated.

   – Conduct a reverse image search on platforms like Google Images or TinEye to see if the image appears elsewhere online, especially on AI-generated art platforms.

6. Expert Opinion

   – If you’re still unsure, seek the opinion of experts in computer vision or AI. Their expertise may help analyze the image and provide valuable insights.

Remember, while these techniques can assist in identifying AI-generated images, the technology is rapidly evolving, and detection methods may become more challenging over time. Staying informed, practicing media literacy, and adapting to the changing landscape of AI-generated content are essential for navigating our digital world responsibly.

As a start, you can use the to check if your image is real or not – not entirely reliable, but a start.

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