At PlanMatrix Strategic, we offer :

  • AI Consulting: We can help you identify how AI can be used to improve your business and develop a strategy for implementation.
  • AI Development: We can develop custom AI solutions for your business, tailored to your specific needs.
  • AI Integration: We can help you integrate AI into your existing systems and processes.



The Internet means business. For you.

So, if you’re like any number of website owners out there, you will want to know – clearly and concisely – how much a website will do to generate revenue for your business.

Integrated strategic solutions for your total presence on the internet

Not visitors, impressions, memberships to a newsletter database – actual currency in your bank.

Our experience has been that there exists a vast divide between what a potential – or existing – website owner wants and what is offered by the digital community at large. We, at PlanMatrix, have perhaps the unique advantage of having come out of traditional commerce before entering the digital space and are thus much better-equipped to provide solutions for the business owner’s needs and objectives.

As such, PlanMatrix – with its background in strategy and technical data – is extremely well-placed to service the needs of its clients in language they will understand.

So will we all arrive at the same set of objectives and a business relationship of value.

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